Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lent 2012

The Joy of the Cross-ward Path

An invitation to a journey lies at the heart of Lent – a pilgrimage to places we could not choose to go, a journey into Christ, in Christ, and with Christ; a path that leads up to Jerusalem to the procession of the Palms and the Passion of Holy Week, and onward from Cross to glory.

We are invited onto a path of joy that looks at first like sorrow – and certainly contains it – but contains within it a larger purpose and a future with hope beyond hope.

In faith we walk with Jesus this Lent. Each week we learn more about his invitation:

5. Jesus invites us to follow and serve – and this invitation he extends to all who seek him.  

This Lent we are looking at these themes of deep celebration – of joy found in following and in serving, always looking to Jesus as the source of salvation and the founder of our faith.

How will you take up this invitation? Join us on Lenten Sundays and Wednesdays, as we explore these themes, and seek together what it means to live in the joy of the journey on the cross-ward way of Christ.

Themes are drawn from Bread for the World 2012 Lenten Prayers for Hungry People 

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