Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What I like

What I like about St Andrew’s
When Sarah and I found ourselves coming to St Andrew’s regularly, a little over a year ago, we remarked on a few things we really enjoyed about the people and the place: The initial welcome grew into a deep and sincere inclusion into the life of the community. Worship is a joyful celebration. And I know I found that I was invited to find my own way to best serve and participate in the ministries and worship of the church.
Now I have a ‘home base’ for my ministry as a priest and as a person of faith. I have found an open willingness to listen to each other as we explore some of the challenges and questions that come with Christian living. Music that draws us further into worship is a great blessing, whether singing in choir or congregation, or listening. Our quiet days and combustuous parties (Mardi Gras, Hallowe’en, … Twelfth Night? Who knows what’s next!) only add to the richness of belonging in this living, loving, little church.