Saturday, June 10, 2017

Love needs that to which it may give itself

The Christian position ... is that God is love; love needs that to which it may give itself; and the universe is created as the object of the infinite love of God....

The essence of the Christian religion … is an experience of the power of the love of God in Christ changing our hopes and desires.

William Temple, ca 1910, in Highway magazine, quoted in William Temple: Archbishop of Canterbury, His Life and Letters, by F. A. Iremonger. London: Oxford University Press, 1948. 85.

What we need desperately in our country is to cultivate independence of mind and fellowship of spirit, and what we are developing through the present machinery of our political life, and developing very fast, is herd mentality with the spirit of pugnacity. You have got to try to invert that and teach people to feel together and to think for themselves, instead of thinking together and feeling for themselves. It is going to be done in the realization of the idea that we are all children of one family, and that our Father is the God of love.

William Temple, in a sermon preached for the I.C.F at Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, in October 1928. Op. cit., 509.

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