Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A church in love with God is a church fully alive.

A church in love with God is a church fully alive.

Much as we might hope to attract people to our venue through recreated fantasies of the past, what really attracts people to a church is not an artifact or a tourist curiosity but a living, vital thing: a group of people with a sense of purpose and mission that you are welcomed to join.

What do we do now? - is not the only question to arise from the feast of the Ascension. The disciples gazed with awe and wonder up into the sky probably partly because it was now at last becoming obvious to them who they had been following all these weeks and miles.

Why are you looking up? - as in, Don’t you get it even now? or - Knowing who he is why are you surprised? It was necessary for the Son of Man to be persecuted, etc., just as necessary for him to be caught up in the clouds and thence return.

Just as necessary then for you to carry forth his message, the message he bore before you that is now before you to bear, that the kingdom of heaven is alive.

God’s reign is a living and growing thing - now! It hasn’t been stopped by Caesar and neither should you.

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