Friday, December 9, 2016

beside the golden door

People move. That’s what they do. Regardless of election outcomes and irrespective of party affiliations, North American and European societies face the challenge of thousands (in the first case) and millions (in the second) of people on the move in and through their regions. People travel south to be reunited with their families, others travel north. People move to find a better life, a new home. These we call migrants. People flee danger, persecution, war, civil strife, gang violence, and natural disaster. They flee exploitation. They flee starvation. These we call refugees. Some people are brought against their will to be sold or exploited for labor or sex work. These we call victims of human trafficking. All are on the move.

All require justice. None require hatred.
All deserve welcome. None a rebuff.
All need safety, and freedom.
And so they come to us.

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