Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Affiliated Clergy Report

Summary of Ministry for 2015

During the year of 2015 I have officiated at the following services:

20 celebrations of Holy Communion
18 assisting at Holy Communion
1 morning/evening prayer service
15 sermons
14 lectures/seminars
2 hospital visits (for St John's Bisbee)
13 church meetings
20 community organization and interfaith meetings
17 migration and border ministries activities
3 academic conferences

St Andrew's Episcopal Church in Tucson is the congregation where I regularly worship. There, at the vicar's discretion and invitation, I preach, celebrate, assist, teach ... I co-taught (with Sheldon Curry) the 2015 Lent course on Handel's Messiah.

This Epiphany season I began working with Christina Robinson on adult spiritual formation. Our Epiphany season course is “Welcoming the Hidden Christ: Meeting the Challenge of Migration and Hospitality.” Our Lenten course introduces the practice of lectio divina (sacred reading).

In addition to these ministries, I have served as a supply priest at St John's Bisbee, taught and assisted in worship at St Michael's Tucson, and taught, spoken, and presided at Come and See services at St Philip's Tucson. I am actively involved in border and immigration ministries, with Episcopal congregations (St Philip's, St Michael's), in ecumenical and interfaith settings, and with community groups. I have worked with the migration spirituality group formed out of St Michael's and St Philip's congregations. I participated in ecumenical and interfaith gatherings including the annual Holocaust Memorial service in Reid Park and the Binational Las Posadas in Nogales. I helped organize two St Michael’s forums on a religious response to climate change, and spoke at the second on theology of care for our environment.

As a member of the American Academy of Religion I am currently co-chair of the section on psychology, culture, and religion for the western region.

The Rev. John R. Leech, D.Min.
January 26, 2016.

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