Tuesday, November 10, 2015

After 461 days...

Sometimes I feel like Mr. Pepys the witness of extraordinary events from a fortuitous vantage point. He climbed pillars or scaffolds to witness the return of the monarch. Tonight at the back of the room on the kiva-like benches of Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, I witnessed (and participated in) the communal celebration of the
Final Sanctuary Prayer Vigil for Rosa
November 10, 2015
Opening/Canción de Apertura
            Pescador de Hombres, No. 721
Gathering Words of Welcome/
Palabras de Bienvenida
Psalm 96/Salmo 96
Sharing Words of Gratitude/
Compartiendo Palabras de Agradecimiento
Philippians 4: 4-9/Filipenses 4:4-9
Sharing Words of Blessing/
Compartiendo Palabras de Benedición
Laying on of Hands/Imposición de Manos
Song of Praise   We Will Go Out With Joy, No. 539
            Spanish Verse:
            Vamos saliendo con gozo en el alma;
            vamos saliendo ya
            Vamos saliendo con gozo en el alma,
            vamos saliendo ya
            Aleluya, vamos saliendo ya.
            Aleyua! Aleyua!
Spreading the Light/Compartiendo la Luz
Amen! Amen! Amen!
It was powerful. It was unexpected. In the course of things Alison Harrington the pastor welcomed us – and told us that tomorrow at eleven o’clock we were all welcome back for the public announcement and celebration of the end of Rosa’s confinement to sanctuary. “She is protected!” she cried. And may all those like her, undocumented, be likewise so.
Margo Cowan the lawyer was there and received due congratulations. Isabel Garcia from Derechos Humanos, Ilaa Abernathy from St. Michael’s Guatemala Project, … many familiar and new faces joined in joy in this celebration. “The movement is spreading.”

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