Saturday, April 9, 2011

giving up over-scheduling for Lent

What I seem to have given up for Lent is over-scheduling ... with the parish treasurer, the head of Episcopal Church Women, the parish lectionary study group, et alia, weighing in with encouragement.

We had a different kind of Lenten program this year - with lay leadership.

On Sunday mornings we have an able teacher leading group discussion based on Exodus - and "Forward to Freedom", David Adam's meditations on the 40 days (and 40 years) of the journey from bondage to freedom, exile to promise, despair to hope, sorrow to joy.

And on Wednesday evenings we have musicians and a monastic leading us in prayer a la Taizé ... following a simple soup supper potluck we gather in the church sanctuary for a candle-lit icon-rich half-hour with songs, prayers, scriptures, and silence.

What we have given up is "Too Much Information" - with cognitive overload spilling down to us from internet, cable, tube, and paper sources.... it was time to give it a rest.

And rest in silence.

And sacred space.

And ... maybe have some lasting results. Give up over-scheduling for Easter? Pentecost? ... and taking on some new discipline of silence and prayer ...


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