Monday, March 8, 2010

mission statement

As we look ahead, here are a couple of things to think about:

1) What would it mean to see ourselves as God's people called to mission in this place at this time?

2) How can we help people to take delight in fellowship and faith? An infectious faith, a joyous faith, will be winsome and welcoming to the people around us.

One reason we study the Baptismal Covenant during Lent is to prepare for the renewal of Baptismal vows at Easter; another is to remind ourselves of what our mission is...

Here from last fall's address to diocesan convention, is our bishop's clarification of our mission:

I believe our mission—cogent, clear, life-changing—is our Baptismal Covenant, found on page 304 of the Book of Common Prayer. Were we to follow it to its end, the world would be totally transformed. It gives us a lot to do and a lot to be.


Since last night was Oscars night, here is something lighter, from "Jerry Maguire":

- What you wrote inspired me. I'm working with you because of that memo. I loved that memo.

- It was a mission statement.

- Well ...


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