Thursday, April 12, 2007

the twin

"Have I told you about my twin?" an older man asked me - and told me about the brother he lost when they were just boys.

What we know about Thomas - he was called the Twin. That's about it.

That, and what the Christians in South India will tell you - that he was the founder of their church.

Perhaps he had lost his twin. So he would have already felt the loss of someone dear to him, when Jesus was crucified, and now he has lost the best friend he ever had.

Then he is told that the person is alive. This is news too joyful to believe on hearsay: too piercing to a heart twice broken. And so, he doubts. But then - when he sees Jesus himself - he believes. His affirmation is stronger than anyone has made before: "My Lord and my God."

He took this message, and the hope of the resurrection, far away - from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, as Jesus had charged the apostles.

Remember: an apostle is first of all a witness to the resurrection.

The gospel for Thursday in Easter Week: Luke 24:36b-48
The gospel for the 2nd Sunday of Easter, Year C, RCL: John 20:19-31

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